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Kindness Animal Hospital Hours

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MONDAY – FRIDAY: 8am – 6pm
SATURDAY: 8am – 2pm
SUNDAY: Closed

Diagnostic Services for Pets

Kindness Animal Hospital has advanced diagnostic tools that provide detailed information about the health of your dog or cat.

Digital Radiology

Radiographs (x-rays) are the most commonly used tool for imaging a patient’s chest (thorax), abdomen, or limbs. It is a non-invasive procedure which uses a tiny dose of radiation in order to generate a digital picture. The amount of radiation your pet is exposed to is typically less than what he or she would receive on a sunny day outside.

Radiographs are helpful in many situations, including:

  • Identifying foreign objects or materials within the body
  • Diagnosing fractures and other types of bone or joint abnormalities
  • Evaluating lung and heart size

Our veterinarians typically will interpret the images shortly after they are generated. When needed, the images may be sent electronically to specialists for more detailed consultations.


Ultrasound is a non-invasive and painless modality that allows our veterinarians to image soft tissues and organs in the body. It often is used in conjunction with radiographs to help diagnose and monitor disease processes.

Ultrasound works by projecting sound waves into the body. The reflection of those waves is received by a probe and interpreted by a computer which generates an image in real time. Ultrasound is especially good at imaging fluid and can be used to assess blood flow. Ultrasound also can be used to monitor fetal development and screen for issues such as tumors, cysts, stones, and inflammation.


Kindness Animal Hospital uses a well-respected, industry-leading external reference laboratory for the majority of its blood and urine testing. We also have in-house blood analyzers which can provide rapid results when dealing with a time sensitive illness or emergency.


MONDAY -FRIDAY: 8am – 6pm
SATURDAY: 8am – 2pm

Sunday: closed