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Animal Care and Rescue Podcast Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of us consider our pets to be members of our family, but, unlike the human members of our family, our pets often demonstrate behaviors or conditions we don’t necessarily understand. So we worry. Is this something I should be concerned about? Do I call my veterinarian and schedule an appointment? During this episode of Animal Care and Rescue, Dr. Rachael Keller and Dr. Jeffrey Zolkiewicz explore some of the more frequently asked questions about both cats and dogs and offer some insight as to when it’s important to seek medical care.

Preventive Care

This is a program with vital information on how to extend the life of your pet. It is much better to do what we can to prevent illnesses than to have to treat them when our pets become sick. This episode addresses preventive care for both dogs and cats. It offers a comprehensive look at physical exams, nutrition, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, heartworm and parasite prevention.


In our premier episode of Animal Care and Rescue, Dr. Jeff Zolkiewicz explores pet emergencies, what they look like, and when we need to seek medical care. Dr. Zolkiewicz is the Chief of Staff at Kindness Animal Hospital in Wheaton, Maryland. He tells the story of Ruby, the celebrated puppy who was the victim of a shotgun blast. He then goes on to review some of the more routine circumstances that can become emergent and critical to the health and well-being of our pets.

Feeding Your Pet

We all have heard the expression, “We are what we eat.” This is just as true for our pets as it is for us. What to feed, when to feed, and how much to feed are questions we all face as each pet approaches eating in his/her own unique way throughout the different stages of growth and development. Dr. Kathleen Phillips has done extensive work in the area of pet nutrition. During this episode, she will share her expertise and help us to understand what we need to know about feeding our pets.